Code Editing


  • When pressing Enter, the next line is indented automatically.

  • Typing an opening delimiter such as { or " automatically inserts the corresponding closing delimiter.

  • Use Code  Comment with Line/Block Comment to comment or uncomment code.

View Options

  • View  Quick Definition

  • View  Quick Documentation

  • View  Parameter Info

  • View  Type Info

  • View  Context Info

Code Completion

Code completion is supported for:

  • config structure

    foo {
      ba<complete here>
  • module, type, property, and method references

    import "pkl:math"
    pi = ma<complete here>
    name: Str<complete here>
    name2 = na<complete here>
    reversed = name.rev<complete here>
  • module URIs in amends, extends, and import clauses

    amends "<complete here>"
  • string literals with "enum" types

    verb: "GET"|"PUT"|"POST" = "p<complete here>"